Looking Back With A Smile

When she was a little girl, she had dreams.  She wanted to be an actress, to see her name in the lights.  She would look at her self in the mirror and practise posing and speaking lines from her favourite movies.

Now she poses for someone else, now her lines are scripted because she knows what they want to hear and what they need from her.

It wasn’t always this way, she just tried it once and that was all that was needed for her to destroy her dreams.  Her dreams now became her fight to feed her addiction and she does everything she can for that role she now has to play.

She doesn’t believe in that dream she once had anymore. The chances of her making it are gone, but once in a while, that little girl who looks back at her in the mirror, with the same shade of blue, winks at her and reminds her, all is not lost, she can still dream…