Mental Health As A Nursing Student

Dear Diary,

I am a senior in the College of Nursing, and I am struggling this semester. Online lectures are hard. The extra work is driving me insane. I have 3 regular exams, 3 national exams, and 4 final skill check offs within the next 1.5 weeks! After that, I have Thanksgiving break then 3 final exams! Once I pass this semester (which I hopefully will), I will start applying for residency programs. However, I am so lost as to what type of nursing I want to go in. I have a little under 2 months to decide before I start applying. I do not even have time to think about the future as I am still trying to survive these last few weeks of school. How do I decide what to do with my life with half of my nursing school experience was spent online?

My mental health is deteriorating, and it’s difficult to cope with the stress. How do I relieve my anxiety when my family and friends think I am being over-dramatic since nursing is supposedly an “easy” major? I usually perform academically well, but these nursing courses are really bring my GPA and self esteem down. I know grades are not what makes a good nurse, but I want graduate school to be an option after working as a RN for a while.

I can only look at the present and do my best. I hope for a successful future in which I am happy to help patients improve their health.