The Rollercoaster Ride Turned Into A Blessing

My journey with breast cancer was like a rollercoaster ride and all I knew to do was to hold on really tight. It started with the diagnosis of breast cancer in the first breast and then I was urgently scheduled for an MRI to later find out I had a second tumor in my other breast that had not been detected in my yearly mammogram. Biopsies were done, breast cancer was the diagnosis in both breasts, and a double mastectomy was scheduled.

Before I left work on medical leave, my boss brought his computer into my office and said, I would like to share this song with you. The song was “I’m Gonna Love you Through It” by Martina McBride. I cried so many tears as I listened to that song. I hugged him with thanks for sharing it with me. It was only a couple of days after that I joined Martina McBride’s fan club. I found Team Martina on-line and asked to be part of her team. I believe God had a hand in me finding these wonderful people.

During this same timeframe my faith began to expand. I feel like I owe my Lord and Savior for blessing me to have a second chance. My husband was saved and turned his live to Christ and my daughter and son-in-law made a witness to start living their lives for our precious Lord. This blessing means my grandchildren are being raised in God’s house. I now have dedicated my life to serving my church as a Caregiver for 14 families, fundraising for friends, A team member for Relay for Life, and am very proud to say I am a Team Martina team member. The Big C is no easy path but it led me and my family to a life we had not previously experienced to the fullness and receiving such blessings.