Quarantine Bae

Dear Diary,

Maybe I should say dear UNTOLD. Either way here I am pouring out my personal thoughts for publishing purposes. Day 23 of Quarantine and my emotions are in a whirlwind. I’m still working (#essentialworkerlife), still getting paid, nothing is too out of the ordinary. My love life, on the other hand, has me all out of wack. I went from being intent on staying single for 365 to expressing my feelings to a man I hardly know, my Quarantine Bae. This stresses me out to the max. I feel like every plan I had for myself as a single girl taking 2020 by storm is going out the window. I enjoy every moment with this man, but I spent just as much time worrying about his intentions, and the possibility of him interrupting my plans for this year. Am I really into him or is this my brain on Quarantine? I would say only time will tell but these days that seems to be all I have. Nothing but lots of free time. Like, love and relationships aren’t my area of expertise so I’m figuring it out as I go. Can I really be with someone right now?