I have continuously suffered with infertility but through it all we have only been able to have Rayna, our rainbow baby. It has taken me a very long time to be able to tell our story, but it is ours and even though it is rough and extremely emotional it is one we must carry. A lot of people do not realize it’s truly a daily struggle both mentality and physically.

In October 2007 we had a miscarriage at 12 weeks. It broke my heart. In October 2008, we had another early miscarriage. We finally found a physician who diagnosed our issues and in 2012 we were able to have Rayna. When we were told we were pregnant again in March 2016, but yet again we were devastated not only by the struggle of trying to find a physician to help us, but to add additional grief, my uncle suffered a stroke and passed away. Shortly thereafter, we miscarried again, then again in October and November 2017.

Our journey is not over, and we still have hope and faith to have one more child. What I have learned is we are not alone in our journey. There are so many friends and family who also struggle with infertility, miscarriages, infant & child loss.

My husband and I want to be a force for good and we want to make a difference in the lives of others. We are doing so by creating and donating lockets in hopes it can make this journey a little less emotional and painful for others. That is our heart and we bless all those beautiful families who believe in the hope for tomorrow.