Resilience and Perseverance

For months, her family lived in fear of the airstrikes and bombing that was destroying their Country. The war was impacting more than their land. It had a significant impact on their agriculture and the food was extremely scarce. People were killed daily in the streets and dying of starvation. The leaders were stealing the food supplies to trade with other leaders for weapons.

Her family took shelter in their home, eating and drinking as little as possible every day to ensure their food and water lasted as long as possible. They spent their time praying and dreaming of hope for the future. If they escaped the madness, they knew they would move to Canada for a life of peace and freedom.

When the last of the food and water was gone and they had nothing for days after, they knew it was a risk but had no other choice to go out of hiding or starve; they took a chance and stepped out.

Her father went first, walking out quietly, looking for any signs of danger. Her uncle followed him, then her mother. As she trailed behind her mother, the sun hit her eyes, and she stumbled and fell. She had been in the dark for so long, the sun hurt her eyes, and she lost her footing coming out of the doorway. They were so far ahead of her and didn’t realize they were leaving her behind. She cried out, reaching her hand out, as her mother turned towards her with a worried look on her face. That’s when she saw him.
He came out of nowhere.  Her heart started to race and she could feel herself panicking. She wanted to scream out to warn them, but nothing came out.  She froze. Her mother saw the look of horror on her face and turned to the direction she was looking, and her body stiffened.

It happened so fast; they never had a chance to escape what was about to happen, and they knew it. The man pulled the pin and threw the grenade at them; it dropped to the ground, and within 4 seconds, their lives ceased to exist. She saw them die; she saw everything right before her body went flying back, and then she saw nothing.
She was ten years old…
Side note: Her family were all killed, and she suffered significant injuries and lost her eyesight in one eye. After her physical recovery, she never gave up on her family’s dreams to move to Canada. With resilience, courage, and the help of many agencies, she did exactly that.