Scars Project

The reason I chose Valentines Day to release this photo is because Valentines Day is a day of LOVE. I want this photo to represent love for yourself and for your SCARS regardless of what that means for each and everyone of you.

The scars these incredible and brave women are showing you, represent the journey they have been forced by Cancer to follow.

Breast Cancer a disease that doesn’t discriminate but will steal from your body anything and everything that gets in its way. It steals your womanhood, it steals your dreams, your hopes, and it can steal your heart.

Breast Cancer can leave you feeling hopeless but these ladies are here to tell you, there is hope and there is a community out there that will hold you until your tears stop flowing, a community that will, on your darkest days, give you so much love, comfort and advice, you will believe in hope again and you will believe it’s going to be ok!

These warriors in this photo are here representing strength, bravery and a newfound appreciation for every single sunrise and sunset and they want you to know you will get through your battles too. You will get through this!!!

SCARS ARE BEAUTIFUL because they represent what a person has gone through and what they have become. Live your life, everyday like it’s a gift, and you won’t ever regret it.

#breastcancerawareness #scarsarebeautiful#scarsproject #everyonehasastory #bekind

— with Geri Wu, Ashley Harnden, Nicole Kristen Finnigan, Beatrice Aucoin, Kelly Leece, Erika Löf, Bonnie Birdsall Erickson, Cindy Faas, Michelle Schaefer and Lorna Dancey.