Dear Diary,

Honestly, I am so ready to graduate. I am tired of these online classes. I feel like I am given more work just because it is online. Papers on top of papers, discussion posts, readings, etc. I understand we have to have some type of work to do because we are not in person, but sometimes having assignments back to back can be too much. I thought senior year was supposed to be easy, but I am more stressed out than I was last year. I hate to rush my graduation because I really love MTSU, but I feel like I am burnt out. Ever since March, things haven’t been the same. I don’t feel like I’m in school for real… This senior year sucks because I can’t go out and do anything. Don’t get me wrong people are still doing stuff, but it’s like you have to be very cautious, wear a mask, and so forth and so on. Another thing that bothers me is, I’m not going to have a real graduation. Who would’ve ever thought. It is heart breaking…. I just need a break and time to relax. I don’t even know what I want to do once I graduate – which is sad. Before I came to college, I thought after graduating you would be guaranteed a job, but no, that is not the case. Sometimes I feel like college is a scam. I don’t regret making the choice of coming to college, I just wish college students had more support.