She Found A Lump

You can say he saved her life.  He persisted she get checked again and she really didn’t want to because she was just there, just had the mammogram done and the Dr. said, “everything is fine, see you in two years”.  So, in reality, her husband saved her life.

There was a lump in her breast and she can feel it, she felt it getting bigger over the months and her husband was very concerned and asked her to go get it checked out.   She thought, it’s fatty tissue, no big deal but he persisted, he said, do it for me and so she did.

The Dr. gave her a quick exam and sent her directly for the mammogram and marked it URGENT, she thought, wow, he’s overreacting and shrugged it off.  She was more annoyed that she was there doing this test again and taking time away from what she needed to be doing that day.

Those of us who have gone through this experience know that once the exam is over, your to wait and will told to go if everything is clear, well she was told the Dr. wanted to talk with her and at that moment, with a sinking heart and a sense of disbelief, she knew before being told the words.

Stage 2 grade 2 invasive ducal carcinoma and hormone fed (HR+) cancer in her breast and in her lymph nodes.  A double mastectomy, 1 month healing time, followed by chemo, radiation and the removal of her ovaries because the cancer is hormone fed.  Then reconstruction.

Shocked and dumbfounded after hearing the news, she couldn’t hide the news that she just received and he husband who was waiting for her, knew as soon as he saw her.

March 22nd 2017 was the day of her double mastectomy.  76 days after her diagnosis and having her scheduled surgery bumped 7 times was the longest days of her life.

Her family and friends have been incredible, so much love and support with helping her get through the days she had to wait for the surgery as well as the healing process.

She has 4 children, her 16-year-old son who has been desperately been growing his hockey hair came home from school one day and shaved his hair for cancer awareness in her honor at school.  Her 9-year-old daughter and husband are planning on dying their hair pink and her 14-year-old daughter with hair down to her bum, shaved her head April 9th to support her and she joined her that day and had her head shaved as well.

Her 20-year-old son, well he asked the hard questions, processes them and gives her solid and logical advice after he spends his time researching the information.

Now, this is where she wants something from you.  She didn’t just share herself and what she is going through for no reason, she wants you, you, the person who matters to your family and friends, who is reading her story, she wants you to go get checked.   This means everything to her. Yes, it is scary but just go and do it, and tell her, post it in the comments if you have.  Let’s start advocating for ourselves and our bodies, what are you waiting for, make the call and get checked, she did and it saved her life..