She Likes Me

Burdened with a mother’s guilt, she carries this weight heavily on her shoulders. As a single parent who works shift work, she can’t always be with her little boy and that tears at her heart.

She wonders like we all do, “Am I doing enough?  Am I good enough?” When she looks in the mirror she sees herself as too skinny.  She feels she is looking old and that, too, is taking its toll. She wishes she could do more, be more and have more time,  but wearing multiple hats puts most things on the back burner.  All her free time is dedicated to one lil luv who needs her more than she needs herself.

Even though he is not very old, he knows, she is his whole world. He thinks she’s pretty and he loves her eyes. He loves when she takes him to the park.  He loves her snuggles and kisses him just the way he likes it while reading his favourite ‘Cars’ book.  When asked what he loved about his mama?  He said, “She likes me.”