Sometimes Life Throws Rocks At You

Dear Diary,

This past academic year has possibly been my favorite during my three years at UF. I made new friends, got a good job, and grew less dependent on my boyfriend. The good things have outweighed the bad but the bad has still been bad. I’ve dealt with anxiety, grieved a death, got placed into therapy (maybe a good thing?), and work with a lazy boss who just yells at me half the time. However, this year I joined an organization that transformed by college experience and I’ll always be grateful for all of my brothers. They have no idea but I was in a really low place before I met them all and they have brought me out of that and taught me just how important friendship really is. This organization will define my college experience in all the best ways. I just made my friends last October and now as graduation nears, many of them are leaving. It is sad because it reminds me how temporary life is, nothing is ever truly permanent. I worry that next year, my senior year at UF, won’t be as enjoyable without the people graduating in a couple of weeks. I try to stay hopeful and I am, I just hope I don’t have to make a whole new set of friends. It was hard enough making these haha!