Sophomore Year Struggles

Dear Diary,

After getting acclimated to MTSU’s campus, I decided to become more involved on campus my sophomore year. During this year my sibling got into trouble financially, and my parents stepped in to help. They would always complain of how much money they spent, and it made me feel uncomfortable to ask for any money at all. I didn’t want to add onto their stress. Becoming more involved on campus left me with less time to work than usual and I didn’t want my grades to slip either. Things got overwhelming to the point I had to choose focusing on school than working. I was used to bringing in extra money so that I wouldn’t have to ask my parents for anything while I was at school. It got hard, I was living on campus so I never had to worry about paying for gas but food was a different story. I was barely eating and I was starting to lose a lot of weight. I would go all day without eating so that I could limit myself to one meal a day. It was cheaper, but it also forced me to go throughout the day starving. I got to the point that I was signing up for food birthday freebies. A lot of my friends were wondering why I would always eat the same meals over and over. It wasn’t because it was my favorite foods, it was because it was free food. My parents grew concern once they seen how small I was getting. I eventually broke down crying and telling them that I wasn’t eating a lot, and the reason that I never came to them about it. It was hard to talk about that to my parents, but I’m glad I finally did. They are more understanding and even apologized for making me feel like I couldn’t come to them for anything. It’s a time in my life that I try to erase from my memory, but I’m glad that I don’t have that struggle anymore.