State of Mind

Her fear is constant, it doesn’t let up and she knows it doesn’t make sense. She lives with it everyday and it torments her daily. She sees and anticipates the worst in every situation. 

She stresses about situations that haven’t happened and they aren’t logical, but they happen in her mind, she sees them play out, all the way to the end. She can’t control these thoughts, this is her life and the worrying and pain of it all keeps her up at night. 

She suffers from Post Partum Depression and Anxiety. She lives in constant fear that one of her kids will die or she herself will die. She has flashes in her mind of a car accident happening while she drives, then obsesses over it. 

She constantly watches her children, waiting and anticipating that danger is somehow going to find them. It’s exhausting, feeling this way all the time. She’s tried medication but endured severe reactions. She’s tried mediation and that seems to help but her worries are still there and they can’t and won’t go away no matter how hard she tries…

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