UNTOLD Story Submissions


Now is the time to share your story.

Tell us about the challenge, the struggle, the war, the triumphs and the celebrations. Give us your tears, show us your scars, tell us stitch by stitch how you have broken the glass ceiling, became empowered and stronger, but most of all how you are creating change in your own life or others.

Everyone on this planet has a story and for a reason. It’s to be told and shared. Here in this community, you become the open hand to help someone through a similar journey. You become a voice that needs to inspire and be heard.

Find your words, and share them. Focus on the one moment that became your guidepost and bring it into the world. We’ll help you find the words if you get lost, just connect with us so we can get your story told.

Thank you for being a voice in this world of UNTOLD stories. Now, share your incredible venture with us!


NOTE:  For those wishing to submit their stories anonymously for the Campus Diaries project, please follow this link to submit.


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