The UNTOLD Project is a collection of heartfelt, hopeful, and inspiring collection of visually stimulating photographs and stories capturing the spirit of life’s journeys.  When these stories are bound together, they become a sort of map to help us all navigate the journey brimming with words of wisdom from people who have ‘been there.’  Like the blog, The UNTOLD book collection will light a pathway. Each story will encourage a beacon of hope for others to follow by sharing insights and lessons learned to ultimately inspire.




  • UNTOLD: The Collection: This book will feature the multi-dimensional categories outlined on the website blog.


  • UNTOLD: The Campus Diaries: This book will showcase the inspiring and yet gripping stories of life on the university campuses from the heartfelt writings of the actual students in their own words and in a “Dear Diary” format.


  • UNTOLD: Survivor Stories: This book is dedicated to a collection of cancer survivor stories in which the reader will be captivated by their journey, courage, and perseverance of their cancer battle.


Like the blog, chosen photos will be accompanied by a short, gripping story and will show everyone has the knowledge to share and in retrospect, be wiser. Readers will be encouraged to challenge and alter their mindsets to offer a refreshing and new outlook with kindness and compassion. Finally, each book entry will show how sharing your story is therapeutic and healing to both individuals and society as a whole, learning that regardless of who we are, we are not so different from others.