The Dance

As a dancer, there was so much pressure to be thin.  She heard it everywhere.  So she learned.  She learned how to purge.  She learned to count every calorie.  She learned to not care about the taste of food anymore because food to her was disgusting.  It isn’t that simple.  She thinks she’s worthless, stupid, and fat.

She had panic attacks, crying fits and severe anxiety.  Every day is a constant struggle to put food in her mouth. She can’t process in her mind that her body needs this to stay alive.  She doesn’t want the extra weight and can’t see she will die if she doesn’t eat.

She eats for those around her because it hurts them when she doesn’t.  She has the support of those who love her and if she didn’t, she wouldn’t be here today.

It’s ok to not be ok.  It’s ok to get help.  And, it’s ok to ask…