The Day I Was Told I Was Dying

The day I was told I was dying..The day I was diagnosed. The day my life changed forever.

My tumor was on the left breast on the bottom of it. It itched! I just knew it was a bug bite …

Fast Forward to end of the next week. It was Friday I was scheduled for my first mammogram and a ultrasound … An hour later the nurses came out and said we want to call your insurance company to get approval for a biopsy immediately.

I knew it…. I knew I had breast cancer.

I had not told my family what I was going through because my Father was having some health issues…

I confided in my oldest brother, Eric I was going to the Dr.

While waiting to get Biopsy I called my Aunt to tell her ,she immediately came to hospital.

While getting the biopsy I felt like I was having a out of body experience. Like I was looking down on myself on the table. The first click and I shouted in pain!!!! They did not give me enough numbing meds…..

They told me they would call with results next week.

My Father hits the road immediately. He tells me No surgery for him, nothing else for him until I’m better.

Before he leaves the next day he demands I call and make an appointment to come in and get my results either way. No over the phone results. I call and make appt for that Wednesday, he will be back.

My appointment is at 9. Here we go. Me, My Father and My Aunt. After a short wait they put us in a room. The Dr comes in says her greetings and then gives us the devastating news. It is malignant!!!

My Father almost fainted, my Aunt is kind of in denial. I say, will I be better next month I have a run to go to next month and I have new shoes and everything…..

The Dr looks at me in shock like Bih did you hear what I said? 🤷🏽‍♀️. She had seen the charts -she said go ahead and cancel your plans.

We walk out, they are on each side of me holding me, walking me out. When I got close to the door I broke away from them…

I’m not sick! I’m not sick I’m not gonna die! I wanted to run and run and run and never stop.

At this time not knowing the complexity of my cancer, not knowing that soon I would be told I have a very aggressive type cancer and I’m stage 3.