The Finale

Dear Diary,

So. There was this guy. I know what you’re thinking, it’s not a sob story so just stick around. Me and this guy had a great connection and a strong bond. We established a solid friendship and things were fine. Until he notified me that he had feelings for me and that he would love to “be with me.” So I let him know that I had feelings for him too and that we could begin to further our friendship. The problem is, every time I looked up, he was with another woman. As you can tell, that caused great confusion on my end. Being that he has expressed his interest in me. However, I decided to tough it out and still be the great friend I have been and think maybe it’ll eventually happen.

Time passed, several months. At this point, the idea of a relationship with this friend was out the window, plus he was dating someone. So I vowed to keep the friendship platonic and move on. However, every chance he got, he told me how he felt about me and that he’d “love to be with me.” After a repetitive cycle of him confessing his feelings but never committing, I ended the friendship. I could’ve kept the friendship had he not continuously cross the platonic boundaries without a commitment. It was either be my platonic friends with no mind games or be with me. I realized that my feelings are not meant to be toyed with. I realized that I am worth more than someone who can’t make their mind up.

To my ladies, please do not let people toy with you. If a man wants you, he will show you. Don’t wait for him to change his mind or realize that you are that woman. People tend to take kindness for weakness. They take advantage of the fact that you’ll always be there, so they do as they please. Not anymore. Command your respect for you have given yours. Speak up against the tarnishing of your heart. Even if you two have history, if it hinders you from becoming the best you that you can be, let it go.

Signed: A Happy Black Woman.
Posted by a student at Middle Tennessee State University