The Most Important Quality

It wasn’t all that bad, he really was a good dad when he was feeling better.  He was so much fun and they went on adventures of a lifetime.  He made her feel like she mattered to him, he made time for her and she knew how proud of her he was.

She knew he was different, that he wasn’t like the other dads.  He didn’t have friends and he always kept to himself.   He was sad a lot of the days and would stay on the couch all day long.  He was in and out of day therapy programs and spent many years on and off his medications struggling to find a balance.  She knew how sick he was when he told tell her that he wanted to kill himself.

She tried her best to be there for him, to help, to listen, but he didn’t hear her.

Eventually it just got to be too much for him, he couldn’t get out of the hole he was in, even though he tried to climb out, he was just too tired and ended his own life.

She will always remember him for all the good he was, he taught her so much, but the most important quality he taught her, was to be kind…