UNTOLD: The Series is a full-media/video project.  Presented by Karen Shayne, a 30-year American cancer survivor who hails from Nashville and photojournalist, Lorna Dancey, from Edmonton, Alberta Canada whose ‘Scars Project’ and “State of Mind” storytelling exhibit attracted international attention.  Together, this female duo crisscrosses both countries to find extraordinary stories within the ordinary, everyday lives of people courageous enough to share them with the world.


During each episode, with her still camera, Lorna will photograph her subjects, disarming them in a way that exposes their souls and innermost feelings as she converses with them in her own unique way.  Karen, who has lovingly interviewed hundreds of cancer survivors, sits down for a conversation with depth, edge and candor.  Each episode will be a raw, but stylized cinematic journey that promises to entertain and inspire.  Lorna’s photography will come alive and the emotions provoked by Karen will make way for the moving images that will take center stage as insightful conversation ensues.  Installments will be produced in varying lengths for the multiple media/video platforms on which the series will live.