The Sick One

His family calls him the ‘Sick one’.

Throughout his life, they ridiculed him; they tolerated his ‘episodes’ and even at times tried to get help for him.  Now they have given up on him, they are ashamed and embarrassed and don’t include him in the family anymore.

He was in and out of the hospital to try and stop the voices, the medications helped but when he felt better; he stopped taking them, now the voices are back.

He hears them in his head, whispering to only him; they tell him the secrets of the spinning world and how we are all being watched.  They talk to him and tell him what to look out for so he constantly hides and now calls the streets his home.

They don’t understand this isn’t his fault.  Why him?  He didn’t do anything to deserve this did he?  He was born this way they tell him, but he is still trapped in his own mind scared, alone and forgotten…