The Stain of Social Distancing

Dear Diary,

As we go longer and longer in the stay at home order, I have seen the stain it has caused. We are a culture of social creatures that are not meant to be in solitaire. We are meant to interact with others, that’s why as far back as history can go we have lived in communities and groups all across the lands. We are meant to lean on others to help us get through our day and need the love of family to keep us safe and going. I have seen husbands and wives filing for divorce because they can not stand being in the same house now or their lovers have come out of hiding because they can not go seeking around under lockdown. I have seen and myself struggle to keep our kids entertained at home plus trying to get them to understand they have to keep studying even though they are not in a classroom. I have really been struggling and stressing to keep my grades up with school. I have cried many nights because I think I’m going to fail one of my classes due to not being on campus, I am a hands-on learner, not online, and trying to do your work with a classmate because it’s a partner project is very difficult, plus trying to keep up with my son’s school work, keep my house in order and still going to work as made me feel more overwhelmed than ever. I try to see this from both sides and understand people really want to get back to normal but we also have to keep those at risk safe too. I understand that some people think their freedom is being taken away but this is not forever. I feel bad for those in leadership positions because they are having to make very difficult decisions for the whole country. All in all, I myself am ready to get back to some normalcy due to my mental state. I want the stress and crying to stop. If anything I would love a reset button for 2020.