The Tea Giver Project

I go by the title of The Tea Giver hence my project being called The Tea Giver Project. As you can tell by this photo I am a really big Beatles fan. A fun fact is that I saw Paul McCartney in concert twice. Paul’s music has always been a big inspiration for my project. When I had my first cup of tea that’s when I knew tea was going to become my life. I became so infused that I reasearched any and everything there is to know about tea. Tea brings people together and I want to bring the world together through tea. My aim is to give tea too as many people as I possibly can in hopes of providing comfort throughout the world. I would have to say chamomile tea is my favorite due to how soothing it is. Of course I will drink any tea blends and trying new blends of tea is so much fun. Your cup of comfort awaits you. Travel light and don’t forget to drink a nice soothing cup of tea. Tea has been my healer and this project has been my coping method ever since I battled depression. I want everyone to know that they are loved and cared for. Let’s all get connected through tea and have some good conversation.  I have given 5,042 tea bags so far and 724 boxes of tea so far. This project has been my way of coping anf I want everyone to know that hope is in this world for you. I am working on my project 365 days a year which is my main reason to never give up.