The Teacher

Dear Diary,

So, there was once a teacher. No, don’t worry. This is not THAT kind of story about a teacher, so hang with me. Look, I know this is supposed to be a dear diary kind of entry, but I just want people to hear me. Several years ago, there was a certain teacher in my high school. This teacher wasn’t like other teachers I have had throughout my education. Most of those were the educational-book type teachers. But, this teacher was a teacher who believed equally in life lessons as much as book lessons and she helped me to prepare for where I am today. What I have learned in my last couple of years, especially since COVID, and all the ups and downs of life in the past eight months that college can’t be all about books and tests. This shit called real life and learning how to live and cope with life experiences along the way is probably the most valuable lesson I have learned so far. I am not the best student at ETSU by far, but that hasn’t really mattered. Watching other people my age and in my class struggle with real-life chaos while balancing grades and responsibilities has made me appreciate those educators who believed in their students and encouraged them along the way. For that I am thankful. So, no, this isn’t really a dear diary, but I do want to let any educator whether you are high school, professor or Doctor know you are appreciated and to hang in there. We really are all in this together. And to the teacher years ago that showed me she really cared, hey, thanks. You did make a difference and I am still doing ok in English.  Sort of.