The Year To Start College

Dear Diary,

This may be one of the worst years to start college. Beyond just the stress of classwork everyday there’s the stress from a global pandemic, which threatens to kill the people I care about. There’s the stress from nothing being done about global warming, something that those in power won’t have to worry about when their gone. But the new generation will have to worry and pick up the mess left for us. There’s the stress from the government threatening to take my right to marry away, among other rights that have been fought for and earned over the past few decades. With the Supreme Court pushing for this there’s no saying whether or not it will be further normalized to hate me and people like me. As if the stress from far right militias isn’t already enough. Their numbers are increasing and they are threatening violence against anyone who is pushing for these human rights. These worries, among other things, have gotten me behind on the class work. Instead of feeling like I am learning through these classes I feel that I am stumbling through it, barely making deadlines and only doing just enough to pass. I spend more time worrying about my life and the work I need to do then spending time actually completing the work. Maybe I can catch up and finally feel on pace again. But it’s certain that 2020 was not the best year to start college.