This Wonderful Gift of “Cancer”

You’re asking yourself how can it be a gift? Being diagnosed with this sometimes deadley disease became my gift for me, my family, my friends and everyone else that was with me along my journey.

Let’s go back to the summer of 2010. This was the end to my 16 year marriage. I was not working. I found a job, moved out and got my own place and started over at 42. Long gone where the days of mani/pedis, boutiques, shoes and driving SUV’s. Now it was shopping at 2nd hand stores, cheap shoes, doing my own mani/pedis and driving my KIA Soul. I even had to apply for food stamps. But I learned a lot about myself and how frivolouse I was with my ex-husbands money and never appreciated what was given to me at no cost. Now I was the person working hard to make it in this world.

One year later 2011, my divorce was final in September and I had settled into a regular routine of paying my bills on time and straightening out my life and rekindling lost relationships with my sisters and mom. My relationships with my kids was even better. I began to like me again. Then in November I lost my job and my insurance. I wasn’t worried. I knew I could find a job and by January 2012 I had. Being a new employee my insurance would not be available for 90 days. No problem right? I was wrong. I can remember the day like it was yesterday March 3rd, 2012. That day started off like any other Saturday. Got up early and walked the dogs, took a Zumba Class at 9:30 and went to my sisters to help paint my mom’s bedroom. After I was done I went and picked up my daughter and went back to my house. Took a shower and like always was drying off in front of the mirror and to my surprise I noticed an enlarged blue vein running from the top corner of my right breast near my under arm down underneath my breast. It was very unusual and I felt it and at the very top of the vein I felt the “lump”. I knew that instance my life was about to change. I had my daughter come feel it she assured me it was there. The following Monday March 5 went to the doctor they scheduled a mammogram asap and within a week I was having surgery. It happen in a flash. I was back at work by March 19th and 2 weeks later back in Zumba class. I qualified for Medicaid and all my bills where paid. I was an inspiration to everyone because I fought to get my life back. No pity party for me. I wanted to show others that having cancer isn’t a death sentence. It can be a gift to enlighten you and show you parts of your own self you never knew existed. Strength courage, empathy towards others, self, need to give to others and to realize although things can be taken away something else much better can be replaced with a gift to be a better you!