Dear Diary,

I was in a toxic relationship for about two years. Now I have been in a somewhat great relationship for about two years. I keep searching for things that are wrong with the person I am currently with and I don’t know why. Most of the times I accept that this person is just really great. But every time my significant other does something wrong, I blow it way out of proportion. In my past relationship, something horrible was always happening to me but I felt like I really loved this person. They treated me horribly and still treat me bad even though we are no longer together. I still want my ex in my life and I don’t know why. I wish I could cut all ties but for some reason, I can’t. Even after he/she does malicious things to me I still accept him/her has a friend. My family even hated my ex and they love my current significant other. I do feel like I have truly moved on and I don’t want to be in a relationship with my ex at all but I wonder why I keep thinking about her/him. I feel like I sort of liked the toxicity of the relationship.