Trust Issues

Dear Diary, It’s hard for me to fully open up to people because of the trust issues I have. Being let down so many times by the people you love makes you not want to get close to anyone anymore. I’ve been struggling with trust issues since I was in middle school. It sucks because it’s like you want to open up, but your inner self won’t let you. I wish I had a real friend, but it seems like every time I get close to someone or feel like I’m getting close to someone, they let me down in some way. I feel like I attract the wrong people .. I don’t know why because I don’t feel like I’m a bad person. In fact, I try to be kind and friendly to everyone, but yet, I have no one in my corner. I get lonely sometimes… Don’t get me wrong I have friends but I don’t feel like I have that one friend I can fully fully trust if that make sense. Idk… everyone I know has one or two friends they are really close with and have been friends with for a long time… I just wish I had that. Maybe one day..