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UNTOLD resonates with any human who has ever had a challenge, celebration, crisis, or difficult patch on life’s journey. From cancer to mental illness, from addiction or abuse– when people find a way to overcome and triumph, others listen. Their story becomes a universal one. People need to hear and share stories that can impact society on a greater level. Our offerings are simple, yet impactful.  It’s not just about stories, UNTOLD offers emotional support and positive content currently becoming more substantial in the media landscape. Below are our offerings to the public for impact and to support our ongoing projects. For more information, please contact us.

The Exhibit

The Campus Diaries Exhibit - 2021Like the other facets of UNTOLD, our powerful exhibits provide opportunities to allow individuals to be heard, to inspire hope, compassion and change, to educate and raise awareness through bringing back the art of conversation.

Through our unique and heartfelt exhibits, we travel across countries to showcase and speak about the efforts of the photography as well as the empowering stories behind the photos. Our exhibits, along with Founders Karen Shayne and Lorna Dancey, travel and include participation with mission filled organizations, schools, communities, conferences/conventions and bookstores where UNTOLD personalizes each extraordinary exhibit to their community to create awareness.

Our traveling exhibit, include a (4) four-tower (7) ft tall exhibit and have been showcased in schools, places of business, exhibit balls and international conferences.

For more information about bringing our exhibit to your event, please contact us here

The Book 2021 / Book Tour 2022

Untold The Campus Diaries, Book 2021UNTOLD Originals, LLC is a publishing house for its empowering and powerful stories.  The UNTOLD books are collections of heartfelt, hopeful, and inspiring collections of visually stimulating photographs and stories capturing the spirit of life’s journeys.  When these stories are bound together, they become a sort of map to help us all navigate the journey brimming with words of wisdom from people who have ‘been there.’  Like the blog, The UNTOLD book collection will light a pathway. Each story will encourage a beacon of hope for others to follow by sharing insights and lessons learned to ultimately inspire.

COMING IN 2021 – UNTOLD: The Campus Diaries. This book will showcase the inspiring and yet gripping stories of life on the university campuses from the heartfelt writings of the actual students in their own words and in a “Dear Diary” format.

For more information on our 2022 book signing tour or to book a signing/reading, visit us here.


New York Street-8002

Photography and stories are the heart of the UNTOLD project.  Now, UNTOLD is proud to offer the collection of photography behind the stories exclusively by Lorna Dancey to continue to fund the efforts of the UNTOLD project. 

About Lorna: Lorna Dancey is a Métis photographer, writer and storyteller determined to bring our communities together for a kinder and gentler place. Her photos are powerful—intimately reflecting and expressing each person’s story.   The plight of others and determination to help each and every person through her lens and storytelling lays the foundation for her work. For Lorna, it’s about giving hope and helping others see beyond their limitations s and creating a domino effect for positive change.

Lorna Dancey

The UNTOLD: LIVE! Theatrical Show

Karen Shayne2022 marks the beginning of the UNTOLD Live! Stage Show.  Produced by Founder Karen Shayne, UNTOLD Live! is a nationally touring event combining the threads of individual UNTOLD stories gifted to the hearts of every audience member. LIVE! breaks through the traditional stage production and offers a unique theatrical experience, engaging audiences in the unexpected blend of art, spoken word, poetry, music and thought-provoking conversations based on actual UNTOLD stories.

UNTOLD. Live’s! platform leaps into the outer boundaries of darkness and carefully carries you back into the light, sparking insight and inspiration to recharge every life with its dramatic still photography background and its heartfelt musical productions. Long after the lights have dimmed, the heart sparks will carry these stories onward, and the voices will ring in the retelling, opening hearts beyond the stage doors.

For more information on booking UNTOLD: LIve in theaters, churches or conventions, please reach out to us today


“If we all could walk around with our stories written on our chests for everyone to read, we would all be much more compassionate, kinder and less judgmental towards each other. ”   ~ Lorna Dancey


UNTOLD is a unique project that reaches the masses online – people searching for hope, inspiration and understanding to life’s most unique challenges. Every story we share we want to inspire, give hope and create change in a corner of the world. That inspiration compels us to do the awkward thing of asking you to give us money so we can keep doing it.

Truth be told, we can’t do this alone.  From our exhibits to college campuses to the work/time/travel of gathering the emotional heartfelt stories, to the stage show productions, these are hard costs and we need your help to sponsor, donate or simply give a dollar or two toward the effort of the Untold Project.   We know there are a million other places and groups to give, but we are asking if you would consider being our champion and help us with your funds.  Whatever amount you decide, we’re thankful you are willing to make a difference.  We hope you continue to be inspired by the stories of changed lives here at UNTOLD and look forward to inspiring change in the future.  Thank you. 

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Our UNTOLD stories are not just the heart of the human spirit, it is the heart of who we are.  From speaking at your events, to book signings, to the powerful emotion of the exhibit or the impact of stage shows coming in 2022, the UNTOLD Project is indeed a global storytelling movement that is changing lives.  Our passion is exposing the remarkable stories of ordinary people– giving voice to life’s diverse experiences, challenges and vulnerabilities in a mission that unites us all. If you are interested in getting involved in our mission or speak with our founders regarding involvement in your community, we encourage you to contact us today.  

And always remember, there is an UNTOLD story in us all…