Weight Gain

Dear Diary,

Ever since COVID came into the picture and we had to quarantine at home, social distance, and move majority everything online, I have gained so much weight. I have gained more than 20 pounds, and honestly, my self esteem has dropped. I’ve been looking for ways to lose weight and I even thought about not eating. It makes me so sad because I can’t even fit my favorite pants anymore. I ordered some new clothes and I can’t even fit them. I feel like it’s so easy for me to gain weight verses lose weight. Some people may say, “just work out” or “go to the gym”, but it’s not that simple for me. Everyday I am doing something until night rolls around, and of course, when night hits, it’s time to go to bed. I really need some motivation and ways to get better at time management. I don’t want to gain anymore weight…. I wish this “stay at home” order never came into the picture. I would’ve still been active, still able to wear my favorite jeans, and simply feel good about myself. I miss going out and waking up everyday to get out the house and do something.

Posted by a student at Middle Tennessee State University