What A Year

Dear Diary,

Since spring break first started, things were going just fine. Classes were in full swing, grades were looking great, social activities on campus were lively and MT was the place to be. Though the Coronavirus was not weighed upon as seriously at the time, the time for discomfort would come at some point. We went on spring break as scheduled and didn’t think nothing beyond that. Eventually, the week was over, and we were informed there would be another added week, giving us an additional streak break. Here we were thinking “This would be great” but in reality, it was the complete opposite. Upon the second week being over, we were informed from President McPhee that campus would resume remotely and online for the remainder of the semester. That’s when I knew things were going bad. Who knew what was next, we for sure didn’t. I don’t think anyone did either, and with all this coming to life. That’s when 2020 as a whole took a turn. The US went into a national quarantine phase in which basically the entire country was out into a lockdown not only from ourselves but from the rest of the world. Seniors didn’t graduate the way they wanted, spring events were canceled and so much more. It was a complete mess. We knew from that point, the rest of the year would be different as well. Fast forward to Fall 2020 and we are all virtual, hybrid, online, socially distanced students just trying to pass classes. There’s no telling how the Spring will look, better yet this winter. All we can do is hope and pray for better days.