Whispering Riddles

She hides crouched in her familiar corner on the street, her life’s struggles etched on her face.  Her eyes, shifting back and forth, watching for signs of danger she knows are out there.  The voices linger and hold her mind captive and her every thought, their prisoner.

They are there again, whispering riddles laced with fear and loathing and they are angry today.  She presses her hands to her ears to shut them up, but their voices echo in her head and their wicked laughter rings in her ears.

She’s used to them taunting her and doesn’t remember a life with out them anymore.  At times, she finds comfort in them, especially at night when she feels alone, well, the nice one anyway.

Her fight to keep some kind of normalcy is gone, she’s tired and she’s been fighting them off everyday.  If she could have just one wish, she would wish for them to go, just so her thought could be her own again…