Winning The Fight Against Me

As hard as she tries, her anxiety attacks and depression have a way of paralyzing her, keeping her in their possession.

She was first diagnosed at the age of 15 after an attempted suicide.  The Dr. gave her a prescription for Prozac and it helped a little.  Her depression was not discussed in her family; her situation was hidden from everyone.  She didn’t want people to judge her and label her as a “crazy” person so she hid it, instead of talking about it.

She is now determined to win this fight against her. She is pushing through and she is fighting to overcome the fears that haunt her mind.  Years of understanding and learning coupled with medication adjustments have helped, but her anxiety still makes her act out in anger and she is starting to understand the reasons why.

She has the support of her family, her children remind her everyday the reason she won’t let this struggle get her down.  They are the bright light in her everyday.  She knows she matters to them, that they need her just as much as she needs them and she has hope.