Worth The Fight To Survive

She has struggled with depression and anxiety as far back as she can remember. Her dad passed away when she was just 4 years old. Her world was turned upside down and everything spiralled out of control ever since. She’s been in and out of broken homes witnessing people drinking and fighting non-stop. She’s been bullied and told she was nothing. Still she forged on. 

Life was a struggle and the bad choices she made, lead her to a dark path of self-destruction. She was just 15 years old when she first attempted suicide. She would try again 2 more times. The last time, was really bad and it made her realize that she wanted to live. She was scared and alone, but she wanted to make some changes in her life and live. 

She stayed at the hospital and saw the Psychiatrist. That was the first step she took to learning about her illness and realizing she needed help. She learned she couldn’t do it alone and she need not feel ashamed for asking for help. She is proud of herself for asking for help and realizing she is worth the fight to survive. She wasn’t going to be ignored anymore; she was going to live life, as her daddy would’ve wanted her to. 

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