Yoga Saved My Life

He sat in his car outside of the yoga studio willing himself to walk in but for some reason, he couldn’t.  His stomach was in knots and he thought to himself, “What the hell am I doing? I don’t belong here.”  This was his second time sitting in that parking lot.  He felt such uncertainty and the fear of the unknown convincing him to leave again.

His mind kept playing back to the car accident, the one that took his friends life and almost his.   He could still remember the sounds the Jaws of Life made as the firefighters were cutting the roof off the car to get to him and his two friends out.

He shook his head from the memory that played back in his mind again and watched everyone walking in to the studio.  They were laughing and carefree and he wished he could get that back in his life.   He remembered how much he had suffered after the accident and how hard he worked to recover from his physical injuries.  He was bound to a wheelchair for months, but was also dealing with the scars no one could see.  The guilt he felt over the death of his friend as well as having to be a witness in the trial of the other was a burden he had to carry.

Realizing he needed to get back to being healthy, he had a choice to either let this end him or to go forward and heal his body and soul.  He shook his head to clear his mind and thought what is the worst thing that could happen, he didn’t want fear to get in the way of healing so he got out of the car and walked in and unbeknownst to him, that decision changed his life.

After that first session, he was hooked.  He started going twice a week, then eventually, 6 times a week.  Yoga gave him the motivation to want to be strong again.  There was a combined strength in the community and how it was motivating to watch the progress in his body but more importantly, his mind.

He started to smile again, to laugh and enjoy life.  It was hard work but focusing on his wellness took his mind away from his thoughts of guilt.  Instead of letting the accident slowly destroy him, he decided he would invest in himself and eventfully took a course to become an acro yoga instructor.

Because of his involvement in teaching yoga and seeing and experiencing first hand how exercise can change a persons state of mind, he wanted to provide fitness and wellness opportunities to as many people as he could reach with all fitness levels.

He was inspired to create an event he called The great Canadian FitFest, which is an event that brings sports, activities, competitions and amazing food under one roof.  With a lot of perseverance, determination and passion, Fitfest has grown to be the largest interactive Fitness event in Canada.

Yoga was more than getting back to where he was before the accident, because he will never be the same again but he’s adjusted and has fought for himself and made positive changes. He has discovered a new way, a new path in life and he could have let the death of his friend destroy him and quite frankly it almost did but he learned to let go of the guilt that haunted him for so long.

Yoga is where he learned the power of community, a place to gather and come together to focus on fitness but more importantly focus on wellness, from the inside out.